The thing I love best about my work is all the cool secrets I get to learn.  The thing I like least is that I have to keep them secret.  This month is an exception, where a number of my clients have decided to let me reveal the secrets of their pending patent applications, possibly to generate potential interest among partners, licensees, or customers.  If anyone is interested in learning more, I’ll put you in touch with the right people.

These are in no particular order, and I hope you find them interesting for a variety of reasons.  All are Patent Pending, a critical protection before revealing invention secrets.

Hollywood Robot Gun?

Plenty of guns have a forearm in front, but this one has the user’s forearm inside.  It happens to be a double shotgun in this version, but the wearable form factor is one of the things that makes it so interesting.  I’ll leave it to others to speculate how the ATF might classify this.

AR Recoil Spring System for Folding Stocks

Instead of a long buffer tube, this uses a series of nested springs and sleeves to absorb AR-15 recoil forces without a protruding buffer tube.  Each sleeve serves as both a guide rod for the larger spring that surrounds it, and to contain the spring inside.  It gets short when fully compressed.

Slide Racking Assist Lever

Sometimes, one image tells a story that is welcomed by those with weak, arthritic, or otherwise disabled hands:

Can KeyMod and M-LOK Finally Get Along?

A versatile mounting pattern can receive both accessories.  Here’s the pattern:

The circular cutouts receive KeyMod accessories like this:

And the little rectangular corners support M-LOK accessories (All the holes are tapped in the right sizes you’d need for each):

Multi-caliber Lower

This one lets a single lower receive and feed from 7.62×51 (~308) mags, or from AK-47 mags.  The key is removable front and rear inserts that provide the magazine latch and to reduced fore-aft dimension for the AK mag.

For the longer 7.62 cartridge, the latch part is removed to free up space at the rear, and a different front wall component is installed.  The removable side plate is an optional feature.

Versatile Holster for IWB and OWB Carry

Two images make it clear:

The removable belt loop makes it slimmer for IWB carry, and the little pocket with aperture for the snap retains the belt loop for donning and doffing in the IWB mode.







So whether you read this on the way to SHOT, or in your In Box stack as you return, I hope you have enjoyed seeing the interesting rage of innovations I get to learn about every day, well before the world hears of them.  I’ll caution that none of my descriptions is intended to have any legal significance nor to define the scope of any invention, but are intended for illustration and entertainment purposes only.

Let me know if you have any interest in contacting the owners of these inventions.

As always, I will be at SHOT Show and available to meet with you, if you would like a face to face. I can visit your booth or we can schedule you for my “office hours” to meet with you.

My office hours will be Thursday, January 24, in the afternoon at the Caliber Club. The Caliber Club is located at: San Polo #3404 -Level 3.

Please email or message me and we can make arrangements to meet.

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