Who is on Donald Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition?

Chairmen: Donald Trump, Jr. The Trump Organization   Chris Cox Executive Director, NRA-ILA   Co-Chairs: Ron Adams, NC Concealed Carry Assn. Larsen Jensen, Olympic swimmer Thomas Alibrando, IWI US, Inc. Jesse James, Jesse James Firearms Ultd. Paul Babaz, Safari Club International Brad Johnson, United Sporting Co. Diane Bahnson, affiliation unknown Michael Kassnar, IWI US Ronnie [...]

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Who is Advising Trump on Gun Laws?

The Second Amendment Coalition that will be advising him on gun law reforms President-elect Donald Trump On November 3, 2016, President-Elect Trump announced the appointment of a 62-member advisory panel called the Second Amendment Coalition. I quickly scanned the list (to see the full list, go to the end) to see who [...]

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Is our Nation Really Ready for a Leader with a Strange Hairstyle? How My “Yuge” Pre-Election Predictions Went Viral You know how that wise person in your life sometimes cautions you to be careful what you post on Facebook, because it might end up being seen by everyone? That happened to me, and [...]

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How to Extend a Provisional Patent Application

Plus: Trump, NASGW, and a Baby My readers all know that the smart start for a small inventor or a new company with an invention to protect is a Provisional patent application (aka “Caveman Patent” because it’s so easy…). For a low flat fee of $1000, and with my personal guidance and coaching, we earn [...]

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Free Patent Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The Surprises and Secrets of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) Photo credit: Oleg Volk In the patent world, one of the most important, yet sur­pris­ingly overrated issues is secrecy. Yet while it’s a need­less fear for many, it can make sense to protect your­self when you have to trust someone else with your secrets.  An [...]

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