Why are you still marketing to Poor people?

Our Industry’s Missing Market Segment Almost Nothing to Do With Guns, But... Have you ever sat down to a big round table with a bunch of industry folks, and the conversation just didn’t quite get off the ground? I had a dinner last month with a good client, but with a bunch of key people I didn’t yet know very well. When the conversation stalled, I got out my conversational secret weapon: “So what hobbies and enthusiasms do y’all have outside of shooting?” When I ask this old standby question, I learn just how diverse we are. The responses ranged from  [...]

The Trump Slump?

Notes from the NRA Show - So Gossipy It's Scary Not a Photo of Donald Trump - but Close There’s plenty of debate whether Trump’s election is good for our industry, or not. The Gun Salesmen of the Year is now giving million-dollar speeches, so everyone is back to relying on their own salesmen. Fear in the marketplace is no longer driving sales, especially for commodity level magazines and lowers whose bans had previously been coveted by the Democrats. Speaking of which, I was having a quiet dinner at the bar of a restaurant on Friday after a day in the exhibit  [...]

When a Trademark Mistake Can Land You in Prison

And My Idea for a “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” Card Not: "You're Fired" I tell people that I enjoy my patent and trademark work because at least no one can end up in jail. Then I saw a news story that made me realize otherwise. It involved a Mesa, Arizona police shooting. Never mind whether the shooting was justified, but lawyers for the “victim” are raising the issue of an inscription on a part of the officer’s AR-15 duty rifle. Those AR-15 dust covers seem to be a clean slate begging for expression in the minds of many gun owners, so customized versions are  [...]

Snooping Your Competitor’s Secrets

Not a Photo of Donald Trump Every month, I personally search every trademark filing in the firearms industry. Keeping my ear to the ground like that helps me alert my trademark clients to cases of trademark infringement, usually at a very early stage. This helps us to nip conflicts in the bud, before the infringer becomes heavily invested and entrenched in their position. Often the infringer or their lawyer is simply naive about the need to search trademarks before adopting them. We send a letter, and they have the painless opportunity to pick another non-infringing  [...]

The SHOT Show in the Trump Era

President Trump Orders New Success Strategy It was the end of an era, and the beginning of a new age. On the final day of the 2017 SHOT Show all the business and gossip came to a halt, and we inaugurated a new President. The fear is gone, and that put the spring in our steps even on the fourth day of the show. But the big topic of conversation during the show was: “What now?” Companies no longer can run the CNC machines round the clock and expect to sell every stripped lower they make for $100 a unit. (I personally own the domain and don’t  [...]


President-Elect Donald J. Trump Last month, I introduced you to some of the members tapped by the President Elect to advise him on gun law reforms.  This month I’ll tell you what I’ll be whispering in their ears any chance I get. I don’t need to tell them how smart it is that Trump campaigned on nationalizing concealed carry rights, and others can weigh in on the best way to implement this.  I’m just impressed that to my knowledge Trump is the first politician on the national stage to voluntarily say anything positive about carry rights, let alone the  [...]