More than five years after Congress threw a little bone to start-up inventors, we’ve learned a few things. The good news is that you might qualify for reduced patent fees under the patent laws, thanks to a “gift” from Congress to small inventors. I didn’t follow the battle, but I expect it was a way for them to look like they are being generous in some small way when they’re raising fees in a big way. Half-price patent fees sounds like a good deal. I used to be nervous that it might be too risky to enjoy the benefit. I’ve mellowed out, and will explain  [...]


Mustela frenata AKA the Common Weasel. AKA the lawyer for the guy who’s infringing your patent. Imagine being a general going into battle, and all the unanticipated intelligence about your enemy is gained as the battle is engaged.  Now imagine having a magic “pause” button that halts the battle, and enables you to resupply, re-arm, and redeploy your troops in the optimum way to reengage the enemy forces.  The battle is then restarted on your terms.  The strategy this newsletter reveals is just that powerful when it comes to battling patent infringers. This  [...]


Lessons from my Adventures in the Amazon Jungle Free, but not cheap? I’ve been writing about my adventure trying to launch not just a new product, but a new concept. My InchMetric® Hybrid® hex key tool has been moving forward since I last reported. The patentable concept is hopefully conveyed clearly in the picture above, which is worth a thousand words in a patent application talking about “intermixed according to size regardless of standard”. There are plenty of ups and downs to report. When a Patent Attorney Hires a Patent AttorneyOn the patent front,  [...]


How My Quick Action on an Anti-Gunner’s Trademark Blunder Made Me the Lead of the Story in Newsweek Remember when Newsweek used to be important?  Well, it became important again to me after last month.  I had spent a family day on a Sunday with the phone off, full attention on the kids.  Late in the afternoon, I turned the phone on, and saw a Google Alert email. I have it set to search for anything in the news with “firearms patent”. This was more interesting than the usual stuff. Newsweek had written an article about me, and about what I wrote last month (I  [...]


How I Taught a Harvard Boy A Lesson About Trademarks It was a Tuesday night. I was surfing Twitter one evening in February when I ran across a story about David Hogg’s new scheme. He’s the Parkland High School student who turned anti-gun activist after his school was attacked and many of his classmates murdered. Doubts have been raised about his truthfulness about his presence and exploitation of the evil act and its tragic result, and I don’t have anything to add to the accusations that he Hogged the limelight for personal gain. It did work out well, because  [...]


(How Not to Look Like an Idiot When Writing About Guns) Journalists. Bless their hearts. As a rule of thumb, any time we read a news story about a subject or incident we already know a lot about, it turns out that about 25% of what’s reported is simply wrong. This is why knowledgeable gun owners distrust many news stories involving guns: because too many “journalists” display an ignorance of firearms that would be laughable if it weren’t so appalling. If they can’t get their facts straight about gun technology and the facts about shooting, then we don’t  [...]