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On March 10, I posted on Facebook: Poll: Is the virus threat affecting your decision whether or not to attend the NRA Annual Meeting next month? (Reply only if you normally attend). 1. I’ll be there unless something changes substantially. 2. It’s a factor, and I’m watching the situation with uncertainty. 3. I’m unlikely to go unless something changes  [...]


My Townhall Debut Thanks to some nice encouragement from prominent social media presence, author, and attorney Kurt Schlichter, I submitted and had my first column published by Townhall.com, one of the most esteemed internet opinion venues. They host the columns of geniuses like Thomas Sowell, so I hope some of that rubs off! So-called “Gun Safety” advocates don’t  [...]

How to Debate Gun Control with a Persuasion Genius

You gave me such a good response to last month’s newsletter that I’m staying political this month. Readers may know I’m a big fan of Dilbert creator Scott Adams for his uncannily predictive observations on Trump and persuasion matters.  He happens to be a pot-smoking California liberal, but I truly admire his open mind and fresh way of looking at things.  I highly  [...]

Why I’ve Never Been More Proud to be an NRA Member

How to Respond to the Headlines Not again! I should probably feel a little guilty that this reaction isn’t just about regretting another tragedy borne of evil, but includes a dose of political dread for the inevitable political exploitation of another headline-grabbing. I don’t write about politics very often. By the time this newsletter reaches you the headlines are  [...]

Why are you still marketing to Poor people?

Our Industry’s Missing Market Segment Almost Nothing to Do With Guns, But... Have you ever sat down to a big round table with a bunch of industry folks, and the conversation just didn’t quite get off the ground? I had a dinner last month with a good client, but with a bunch of key people I didn’t yet know very well. When the conversation stalled, I got out my  [...]

The SHOT Show in the Trump Era

President Trump Orders New Success Strategy It was the end of an era, and the beginning of a new age. On the final day of the 2017 SHOT Show all the business and gossip came to a halt, and we inaugurated a new President. The fear is gone, and that put the spring in our steps even on the fourth day of the show. But the big topic of conversation during the show was: “What  [...]